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Sparkles Dog Grooming Services

Prices shown are our regular prices and are based on a well maintained dog :) Matted, Knotty, flea's, extra dirty dogs and behavior take extra time so extra costs may incur.

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice & are only guidelines.

late for appointment & collection, Coat condition & behavior may incur extra charges.

Pet trim. Short length all over cute teddy head or to your requirements.

Full Groom Service, includes bath, dry, brush, clip all areas and style, nail trim and ear clean.

Small size dog up to 8kg $70

Med dog 8-15kg From $85

Breed trims, specialised trims, Hand stripping & hand scissor trims per hourly rate. POA

Bath n Dry includes nail trim and ear clean From $35 depending on coat length & size of dog

Mini Grooms include bath, dry, light brush out, shave pads, trim belly, sanitary areas, corner of eyes and trim visor, nail trim and ear clean. From $55

Nail trim $15. Nail Trim & edges smoothed $20

Dematting, ear plucking please ask cost at appointment as we need to see the dog in person,

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